My artistic inclination was evident from a very young age while growing up in Singapore; I tried to paint the water in my fish tank-much to the disappointment of my Asian parents (and the fish). They were adamant that I should do something else with my life so off I went to the London School of Economics via a checkerboard education in Singapore, Switzerland and London.

My interest in bag customisation began half a decade ago, unfortunately the one I had commissioned from an “artist” was still tacky to the touch months after receiving the bag. Being both disappointed and somewhat annoyed I decided to fix the bag myself. Having inherited a Hermes addiction, I was very familiar with the different leathers & materials and had an understanding of which paints and designs would best work on what I have dubbed my ''canvases with a handle''.

It started with a damaged bag followed by a revamp of a handbag that was too generic for my Uber stylish sister; it then caught a friend's eye and another and soon what started as a hobby became a full-time occupation. Between cooking dinner for my four children and painting, the kitchen table became my workspace in more ways than one.

Three years down the line...